Lucie Prod’homme

Lucie Prod’homme

As a composer, adventurer and listening pioneer, Lucie Prod’homme explores sound from the inside out, plays with its energy and probes each and every tiny flutter of sonic matter, impelling us to listen.

Whether approaching stillness or extreme agitation, silence or screams, peacefulness or effervescent turmoil, her primary concern is always the same : to induce an attitude of intense awareness in her listeners, by composing not only what they will hear but also the way in which they will listen - prompting them to do so actively and intently. 

“In this to-and-fro from sound to silence she invites the auditor to sit down and listen to infinitesimal things of immense importance, underlining that “Composition is a political act. I want to open people’s ears to the world and encourage them to listen in a different way.”  (Article by Michèle Tosi in Compositrices, l’égalité en acte, CDMC, ed. MF)

This ecological approach leads her to banish all pollution, rubbish and unnecessary chatter from her music, in search of the essential. 

Numerous projects in collaboration with other artists (musicians, visual artists, film-makers, sculptors, dancers, writers…) embark her upon new adventures in sound, enthusing and stimulating her hugely inquisitive ears.

Her catalogue consists of acousmatic, mixed and instrumental works, and includes concert pieces, radio pieces, sheet music for beginners, non-concert works (for dance, video, in situ creations)… 

She has received commissions from Radio France (Festival Présence – Alla breve), the INA-GRM, Musiques Démesurées, la Biennale de piano collectif, Atelier de Musique d’Aujourd’hui (J. Raynaut), Ubris Studio, the Earagail arts festival (Irlande), the MIM, the ACLM, Teatropera, the EMMDAL Vitrolles, Musiques Inventives d’Annecy (State Commissions), …

Her music is also played on France Musique (le cri du Patchwork – Création Mondiale -Musique matin – l'Expérimentale) and in such diverse places as the Futura Festival, Les In·entendu·es,  Bernaola -Akusma festival, the Sounds French Festival (Electronic Music Fondation - New-York), Fondation Vasarely, the GMEM, Cité de la Musique de Marseille, Klang, Octandre, le GMVL… 

Lucie Prod’homme is the electroacoustic and instrumental composition teacher at the Conservatoire in Perpignan, France, where she heads the department of composition, creation and improvisation.

She is regularly invited to lead courses and conferences on electroacoustic music, contemporary music and the use of free improvisation as an educational tool.

She was the singing actress ‘cant’actrice’ in the Lulu Berlue duo.

After nearly ten years as chairperson of AECME, the national organisation of electroacoustic composition teachers, she is now the vice-chair.

From August 2021 to July 2023, she was a member of the SACEM Commission of Classical Music.

At the end of February 2022 she took on the role of chairperson of the Association of female composers Plurielles 34.

Born in Paris in 1964, she plans to stick around until the year 2071 in order to surpass her paternal grandmother’s longevity record ! 

Composer, explorer of sound