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Lucie Prod’homme

Contribution to Portraits polychromes n°22

Music and technology: awaken – teach – create

This book focuses on the new possibilities opened up by electroacoustic technologies, bringing together the views, expressed in 2014-2015, of musicians using this technology for music teaching, researchers in the science of music, and officials from various institutions.

 The book covers the whole spectrum of age categories and levels of musical proficiency: from musical initiation in pre-school or much later (it is never too late to enter the world of music!) to specialised instruction for composers.

Article by Lucie Prod’homme

“Enseigner la composotion …

Un cheminement à plusieurs pour un enrichissement mutual (Teaching composition…)

In Éveiller. Enseigner. Créer / Portraits polychromes hors série, November 2014

Interview in la Lettre du Musicien n°379 from November 2009

 sur son enseignement de la musique électroacoustique, par Anne-Cécile Worms

You can see an article by Michèle Tosi on the work of Lucie Prod’homme in the publication Compositrices, l’égalité en acte

Edition: Laure Marcel-Berlios, Omer Corlaix, Bastien Gallet

A co edition CDMC and MF editions

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