research / composing silence

Lucie Prod’homme

Following on from her participation in the work and research project on temporal semiotic units (TSUs), Lucie Prod’homme continues to research all musical subjects that interest her and that she deems necessary.

From 2012 to 2016, she worked on a study of silence and different ways of composing it.
Her cycle Leçon du silence  (The Lesson of Silence) was born out of this research.

Leçon du silence 13’13

J’ai un grain et je craque 12’00

Comme un malentendu 9’00

Étire-toi de là ! 10’30

Tu es démasqué 15’00

She is still full of questions…

She remains on the lookout for new places in which to share this journey to the limits of the audible.

And whilst this piece will certainly not damage your ears, we do hope it will make some noise !

The complete cycle of pieces in Leçon du Silence premiered at the Futura Festival on the 25th of August 2016, interpreted by Tomonari Higaki on the Motus acousmonium.

It has been released on CD on the label  MOTUS

Lucie is now working on her next cycle ; this time it will be The Lesson of Sound… (phew!)

Article by Michèle Tosi

« À l’écoute du silence avec Lucie Prod’homme »

(Listening to Silence with Lucie Prod’homme). 

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