Lucie Prod’homme

Cantique des quantiques [création]

Festival En chair et en son #5 - 25 octobre 2019

Avec Renaud Semper, danse

You are almost me 

I am almost you

There is a throbbing between us 


Vibrating intensely

Sonic matter fluctuates

In the time of a beat

Can it be vibrating with such infinitesimal palpitations?

In unison, one unique son

Let us unite

For a Sabbath of sounds beating

And sliding slowly

Lower, lower, lower.

Please listen with your best headphones or good quality speakers!

This music is made up of tiny internal beats and palpitations, which can sometimes distort the compressed files on You Tube… Do not turn the volume up too high.

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An excellent article by Michele Tosi on this edition of the festival is published in the magazine ResMusica, in which she writes, 

« There is a perfect balance of forces in Cantique des Quantiques, a composition à la Lucie Prod’homme touching on both the physical and the meta-physical. The music is exquisite yet parsimonious, ample yet understated, leaving room for a dance which is in turn unassumingly expressive. The result is undoubtedly one of the most successful collaborations of this years’ festival. The composer challenges us to listen to the resonance of each sound, vibrations between frequencies and micro variations in the sound spectrum, creating an immersive universe which transcends the dance of Renaud Semper-Manchon who is equally focused and reflective. »

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26 octobre 2018 

Leçon du silence

Festival En chair et en son #4

Le Cube - Centre de création numérique

/ centre for digital creation

A stunning collaboration on the question of Silence ! 

Thanks to Lorna Lawrie, Butô dance, and Michel Titin-Schnaider for the organisation of the festival.

Un excerpt from the creation …

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 Durée : 7’06 / Création décembre 2000

Vidéo : Sylviane Rey / Musique : Lucie Prod’homme

 Actrice : Virginie Aimone

Vidéomusique en trois parties : 

Entêtement/ effluves/ réminiscences.

The idea here is to link auditory and olfactory perception, in order to share a sensory experience, despite the subjectivity of such an experience.

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À l’attaque !

 Pièce mixte pour clavecin et support audio

 Pièce pédagogique pour Cycle 1

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